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Traces of “black rain” discovered at six locations, nine to 22 kilometers from the A-bomb hypocenter

30 May 2012

by Tomomitsu Miyazaki, Senior Staff Writer

A team of researchers from Hiroshima University and other institutions, investigating traces of the “black rain” which fell in the aftermath of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, has issued its findings. The results indicate that Cesium 137, a radioactive substance believed to be derived from the black rain, was found in soil beneath the floors of six sites, including residences in Yuki Town (Saeki Ward, Hiroshima City) and Akiota Town (Hiroshima Prefecture). These locations lie roughly nine to 22 kilometers from the bomb’s hypocenter. This is the first time that traces of black rain have been confirmed in these areas, and all were found outside of the designated zone known as the “heavy rain area.” Those within the “heavy rain…

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India: Government crushes nuclear protests  14 Sept 12,  Nuclear projects in India can only be thrust on unwilling citizens at gunpoint, writes activist Praful Bidwai In the wake of police firing that killed one  of the many Indians protesting against the Kudankulam nuclear power plant in Tamil Nadu, activist Praful Bidwai lays it into the government that not long back was hailed for its groundbreaking civilian nuclear agreement with George W. Bush.

“The repression, including lethal firing, unleashed on peaceful protesters against the Kudankulam nuclear plant on Monday, on top of FIRs over many months charging thousands with sedition, makes two things clear. Nuclear projects in India can only be thrust on unwilling citizens at gunpoint. [And] as the jalsatyagraha (water civil disobedience) shows, people will resist them tenaciously, because they are aware of their hazards,” Bidwai writes in India’s Hindustan Times newspaper .

As GlobalPost reported last…

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Same old game this industry has played from the start…


Official Journal of the European Union February 2011

Radioactive contamination of foodstuffs ***I


European Parliament legislative resolution of 15 February 2011 on the proposal for a Council

regulation (Euratom) laying down maximum permitted levels of radioactive contamination of

foodstuffs and of feedingstuffs following a nuclear accident or any other case of radiological

emergency (recast) (COM(2010)0184 – C7-0137/2010 – 2010/0098(COD))



This report came out a month before the japan earthquake nuclear disaster. It made requirements of European countries to monitor and manage levels of contamination. Since Fukushima the European governments have covered up the large contamination incident in Hungary that has doomed many young people from around the Bucharest medical isotope institute, and others further downwind too. The IAEA was instrumental to this play down and cover up as were the main stream media. And the fallout from fukushima in Europe, though minor was not a minor health…

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