Nuclear Power: Dangerous, Dirty & Expensive- 20 Key Facts

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           The simple fact is that nuclear power is terribly dangerous.  From a health and safety standpoint, it is utterly irrational for us to continue to generate electricity by splitting the atom.  Nuclear power is unreasonably expensive.  When all of its costs are considered, it becomes clear that nuclear power is unaffordable.  Importantly, a reliance upon nuclear power impedes our efforts to develop and implement the production of electricity by safe, affordable, sustainable means, such as solar, wind, and geothermal.
            Here are twenty key facts about nuclear power.
            Also, I have included, below, links to some of the websites that provide extensive information about nuclear power.
            I hope you will check out the powerful video that is embedded, below.  It does an excellent job of summarizing the most serious problems with nuclear power, through excerpts of testimony by some of the nation’s most respected…

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