Risk in the USA

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From an American friend:

“….As for risk, I’ve been asked that question too. I think the real answer is here:


This is US government data, from the National Vital Statistics Survey.

Look at Figure 1. See that little bump in 1979-80? That’s tens of thousands of people who died in my home state of Pennsylvania and New York, as a result of the disaster at Three Mile Island. I think that’s what the risk is – you and your loved ones dying a little earlier than you otherwise would (just as importantly, in my opinion: being less healthy and less vigorous in the meantime).

It’s an extra-yummy bonus that you’ll have to spend the rest of your life listening to the authorities say that no one was harmed, when you can look at a graph and see that claim is obviously bullshit.”

end quote.

In regard to the earlier…

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