It is utterly astounding to me that this filthy dirty murdering industry has been able to keep all of its secret poison deeds so disguised as PEACEFUL nuclear. There is no such thing. We have made a TRAGIC mistake and we need to stop making it and ISOLATE the waste- immediately. Shut every single operating reactor down and ISOLATE the poison… or it WILL be the end of mankind- at least mankind as we know him… some other sick, diseased, mutant mankind may survive it… for a time… but not OUR kind… our kind will perish in the flames of the nuclear fire that burns forever…


“It also concluded that over the five decades it was open, operators failed to plan how to dispose of the radioactive waste and some of the older facilities have “deteriorated so much that their contents pose significant risks to people and the environment”.”

Sellafield audit shows safety costs spiralling

The projected cost of safely storing radioactive material at Britain’s largest nuclear site in Sellafield has increased by more than £900m in 10 months, the National Audit Office says in a report released on Wednesday.

Plans to replace the ageing nuclear waste facilities in Cumbria have suffered severe delays, auditors said. Twelve out of 14 of the major projects launched last year to build facilities to store material safely are over budget, they have concluded.

The findings have been described as “dire” by MPs. It is the first official audit of the Cumbrian…

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