Thanks for putting it all together for us… and clearing it up for the record.

HOAX-Busters !  Fukushima false reactor fire story  …. caused major panic … all traced back to one source



I will stand by everything in the below article : in a court of law if necessary.. provide time stamps etc.. which you can verify as well by going to my facebook page linked below, and see a play by play, as it all happened — I was responding to this all realtime.. (time stamps and record caches cannot be altered)

Im not doing this to be mean.. but blame MUST be put at the feet of those who made the hoax, caused false alarm, and duress to thousands.



The whole cybertribenetwork Fukushima Reactor Fire HOAX started yesterday — Oct 21 going into Oct 22 2012 — cybertribenetwork started the whole thing by taking (and misrepresenting) an interview with Arnie Gunderson…

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