I know …

     I know everyone who knows me thinks I have flipped my lid and gone over the nuclear edge, and in a way? You are absolutely correct. I have fallen off of a cliff that I did not see coming, was not expecting, and which was not previously, directly in my path. Something happened that took my particular road sharply in the direction of that cliff- FUKUSHIMA.

     And you know, once one has fallen off a cliff, there is nothing to do but to try to land as painlessly as possible, but the murky bottom that I drop toward is filled with all manner of horror, so much so, that I would consider it to be that Hell is at the bottom of this cliff…

     But the CLIFF was not Fukushima. The cliff was my own blind, uneducated, ignorance and also my own distracted and narrow horizons. I was just going along, just like you, minding my own business and not giving a thought to nuclear-ever. It just did not enter my mind. Once I fell off the cliff, I came to wonder how it could have never entered my mind? How could that be, that this thing, this unholy alliance of tyranny between the UN, the WHO, the governments of the world, the nuclear industry, and the corporate giants who control it all had not even been a passing thought for me?

     Well for one reason, if you look in your kids school books and try to find out something about the worst nuclear disaster and indeed, the worse disaster that had ever happened on earth~Chernobyl~ you MIGHT find a sentence. And that’s a BIG might. There are no classes discussing any of it in schools, there are no tv shows, or there weren’t, about anything to do with nuclear, and I happen to live in an area where there are no nuclear plants-out of sight out of mind. I HAD seen a nuclear plant once, on a trip to Pennsylvania, and it was frightening to behold, but I just did not give it a thought. 

     Now? I give thought to little else. Man made radioisotopes are dangerous to life, of humanity and of all biological life forms. They are something out of the depths of what can only BE described as hell and were never meant to be-but we brought them to be for weapons and then we tried to cover our lust for the weapons with a peaceful cover story. But the cover story is not working.

     Children all over the earth are suffering the effects, and in every country where nuclear operates. It is dangerous stuff-we cannot contain it-we cannot deal with the waste-and we cannot cure the ills that it will absolutely bring in the near term, nor the long term. There have been over 2,000 nuclear bomb detonations on this planet, and this unholy creation of man made isotopes of death, went out into all the world, and none have been spared… Additionally, there have been multiple nuclear accidents and disasters, not to mention during normal operation the legally released isotopes that go out and give cancer to children in the vicinity more than children who do not live near nuclear.

     This is REAL. This is not a drill. This IS an actual emergency and we need to figure it out REAL fast how to halt it, before it halts us, and all life as we know it. Perhaps not in YOUR lifetime, but in your grandchildren’s? It is a HIGH probability, if we do nothing, and allow it to continue on, unchecked, unregulated and controlled by ruthless men of power and profit. I do not want that for MY grandchildren. Although I personally may not live to see it come, I would not have it come to them either, nor to anyone for that matter. We have to wake up and try to make some changes… it may already BE too late.


2 responses to “     I know …

  1. please look at this article and then in a week listen to nuclearhotseat pod cast, we’re working on getting the information that can neutralize radiation. help us. this is real. dr. radha r roy, nuclear scientist did it in 1979 after 3 mile island. it has been suppressed, but the patent and scientific papers still exist. see fb libbe halevy, friend her and stay informed about when her next taped pod cast will be out with a great interview about the roy process. thanks for your writings. it’s going to be quite a ride over the next few years, or maybe months….whatever we have……….

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